For Suppliers:-

  • You cannot post other people's products on ITDMC.
  • You can only post your own products and services.
  • You are fully responsible for your products and services.
  • When posting your product, you must mention all inclusions and exclusions.
  • If any problems or issues arise during the tour, you must resolve them quickly.
  • Strictly mention the payment conditions and follow them.
  • You must provide all package details in the itinerary, such as hotel, room, balcony view, vehicle type, number of lifts, check-in time, and check-out time.
  • You must mention the cancellation policy.

For Agents:-

  • We are only responsible for the packages you booked through ITDMC.
  • We are not responsible for the same product if you purchase it from another venture or portal.
  • You should only pay the amount after receiving confirmation from our side.
  • ITDMC is only a service provider; ITDMC does not have any products.
  • If there are any issues related to products or services, we can contact the suppliers and resolve the issue.
  • We only allow suppliers to list their products after verification.
  • If any agent acts against the terms and conditions without informing us, we will withhold their ID.
  • Without ITDMC's permission, agents cannot communicate with our suppliers.
  • Before confirming the package, agents should read all the points and details mentioned in our package details. If you have any doubts, call ITDMC Customer Care or you can chat with ITDMC. Only confirm the package after clearing all doubts.
  • With your permission, we will connect with your customer after the sale for any needs.
  • ITDMC provides 24-hour customer care service.
  • You must follow the payment conditions of each package. If you do not, we are not responsible for any related payment issues.